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Chint 15kw On-Grid CPS SCA15KTL-T Inverter


Main Features

  • DC Over-Current Protection
  • DC Insulation Monitoring
  • Surge Protection
  • Leakage Current Protection
  • AC Short Circuit Current Protection
  • Anti-Islanding Protection
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Chint 15kw On-Grid CPS SCA15KTL-T Three Phase Inverter

Three-Phase String series inverters not only are diversified products providing optional DC switch, integrated DC combiner box, optional PID protection module and GPRS/WiFi/RS485 wireless communication, which can match the requirement of different customers, but also can support 10% rated overload which efficiently decrease initial investment of system, plus standard warranty for 5 years, optional extended warranty for 10-25 years and smart operation platform, which can efficiently guarantee the maintenance of the whole life cycle


Rated DC Power15500w
Max DC Voltage1000v
MPPT Voltage Range160-950v
MPPT Voltage Range (Full Load)470-800v
Rated DC Voltage620V
Max AC Power15000w
Max AC Power16500V
Max AC Current23A
Max Efficiency98.2%
AC ConnectionPlug-in Connector
DC ConnectionMC4-H4
Protection DegreeIP65
Dimension380 x 480 x 176


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