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Inverex 5kw NitroX Hybrid Inverter


Main Features

  • Max Efficiency 97.6%
  • Support Multiple Parallel
  • Zero Export
  • AC Coupled
  • Safe
  • 2 MPPT
  • Internal SPD
  • Six Time of Use Sting
  • High Power Factor
  • Touch Screen Display
  • High Surge Endurance
  • Support Generator Connection
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Inverex 5kw NitroX Hybrid Inverter

Battery TypeLead-Acid or Li-ion
Battery Voltage Range40~60V
Max Charging Current120A
Max Discharging Current120A
Charging Curve3 Stages / Equalization
External temperature SensorOptional
Charging Strategy for Li-ionSelf-Adaption of BSD
Max DC Input Power6500W
PV Input Voltage370V (100V-500V)
MPPT Range125v – 425V
Full Load DC Voltage Range240V – 425V
Start Up Voltage125V
PV Input Current11A + 11A
No. of MPPT trackers2
Rated AC Output & UPS Power5000W
Max Efficiency97.60%
Dimensions580x330x217 mm
Protection DegreeIP65
Weight20.5 Kg


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