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Inverex InfiniSolar V3KW Hybrid


Main Features

  • Pure sine wave output
  • self-consumption
  • Programmable supply priority for PV (Batt or Grid)
  • Grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie with backup
  • Built-in timer for the various mode of on/off operation
  • multiple communications for USB, RS-232 Modbus, and SNMP.
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Inverex InfiniSolar V3KW Hybrid

Phase1-in / 1-out
Max PV Input Power4000w
Rated Output power3000w
Max Charging Power1200W
Nominal DC Voltage145 VDC
Start Up Voltage50VDC/60VDC
MPP Voltage Range60 VDC ~ 115VDC
Number of MPP Trackers1 / 1 x 18A
Nominal Output Voltage208/220/230/240 VAC
Output Voltage range184 – 265 VAC*
Nominal Output Current13A
Power factor>0.99
Mac Conversion Efficiency96% (DC/AC)
Max DC Voltage48 VDC
Dimension107 x 438 x 480
Net Weight15.5 KG


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