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SAJ 5KW Suntrio Plus



  • Optimized global MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency higher than 99.5%.
  • Asymmetric dual MPPT which are compatible to all kinds of solar roofs.
  • efficiency of 98.0%, European efficiency of 97.6%.
  • Super wide input voltage range(150V-1000V), supporting all varieties of solar panels and string designs.
  • AC output quick connector design, for faster installation.
  • Specialized mounting design, easy to install.
  • One-button safety setting, easy configuration of all parameters.
  • Built-in independent RTC chip, supporting data storage of 25 years
  • IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor installation..
  • Aluminum case design to enhance heat dissipation and prevent rust corrosion, prolong life time.
  • Built-in high voltage DC switch for safer maintenance and application.


SAJ 5KW Suntrio Plus
Small three-phase PV grid-connected inverters are mainly used in residential PV grid-connected systems, to convert PV DC current to AC current for use in residential electrical equipment or for sale to the power grid. Suntrio Plus Series 4K, 5K, 6K, 8K & 10K Grid-connected Inverters are the preferred inverters for residential PV investment because of their small size, light weight, high efficiency, easy installation, and reliability..

ModelSuntrio plus 5k
Max DC Input Power6050
Max DC Input Voltage1000v
MPPT Range160 ~ 900v
Nominal DC Voltage [V]600
Start Voltage [V]180
Min. DC Voltage [V]150
Max. DC Input Current PV1/PV2 [A]11/11
Number of DC Connections Sets per MPPT1/1
DC SwitchIntegrated
Rated AC Power [VA] (@230V,50Hz)5000
Max. AC Apparent Power [VA]5000
Rated AC Current [A]7.2
Nominal AC Voltage / Range3/N/PE, 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V; 180V-280V/312V-485V
Grid Frequency / Range50Hz,60Hz/44Hz-55Hz, 54Hz-65Hz
Power Factor, Adjustable [cos φ]0.9 leading ~ 0.9 lagging
Total Harmonic Distortion [THDi]<3% (at Nominal Power)
Feed-in-Phase /  Connection Phase3/3
Max. Efficiency97.8%
Euro Efficiency (at 600Vdc)97.2%
MPPT Accuracy>99.5%
DC ConnectionMC4/H4
AC ConnectionPlug-in-Connector
LCD Display3.5 inch Graphic LCD Display, Backlight, Inverter Parameter and Data Display
Display LanguageMulti Language
Datalogger and Communication1*RS485/1*RS232/Wifi (Optional)
Consumption at Night [W]<0.6
Consumption at Standby [W]<10
Operating Temperature Range-25°C to +60°C (45°C to 60°C with Derating)
Cooling MethodNatural Convention
Ambient Humidity0% – 100% Non-condencing
AltitudeUp to 2000m (without power derating)
Ingress ProtectionIP65 (Indoor and Outdoor installation)
MountingRear Panel
Dimensions (H*W*D) [mm]530*355*190
Net Weight [kg]20.5
Standard Warranty  [year]5 (standard) 10/15/20/25 (Optional)
CertificatesIEC62109-1/2, IEC61000-6-2/3, IEC61683, IEC60068-2, IEC62116, IEC61717,  PEA/MEA, NRS 097-2-1, UTE-C-15-712-1, VDEO126-1-1/A1, VDE-AR-N 4105, AS4777.3,  C-TICK CQC NB/T 32004, G83-2, NBR 16149, NBR16150, TF 3.2.1,  C10/11



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