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A battery that stores energy from a solar PV device is a solar battery. The panels of the device absorb energy from the sun and transform it into electricity that then passes through the inverter for use in your home. A battery is an extended part that will allow you to store energy generated from your panels and use the energy at a later time, such as when your panels no longer generate energy in the evening. When assessing your solar battery choices, there are some requirements that you should consider, including how long the solar battery can last for how much energy it can generate.

You’ll come across a lot of complex product requirements when you consider your solar battery choices. The most key items to consider during your assessment are the capacity & power ratings of the battery, discharge depth (DoD), reliability of the round trip, warranty, and vendor. The general range for the effective lifespan of a solar battery is 5 to 15 years. Proper maintenance may also have a huge impact on the lifetime of your solar battery. Solar batteries are greatly affected by temperature, so their useful life can be improved by shielding your battery from freezing or humid temperatures.

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