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Jell Batteries

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Valve-regulated lead-acid are gel electrolyte batteries. The electrolyte is not like a regular liquid running in a gel battery. The electrolyte has a petroleum jelly consistency and texture. These are regarded as “non-spillable”

The jell battery uses gel, instead of molten acid, as an electrolyte. The gel is commonly formed in diluted sulfuric acid by the homogeneous dispersion of pyrogenic silica. Pyrogenic silica is a type of really well dispersed SiO powder that absorbs more than 10 times the weight of its liquid acid to form a gel. Due to the thixotropic property of gel, it functions as a channel that holds the liquid within and then becomes a gel structure over a certain gelling time, the agglomerates bind together. The Jell battery seems to have no liquid within it, the electrolytes are solid between the positive and negative plate inside the battery in gel form.

The benefits of the Jell battery include:

  • Maintenance-free, it is not required to add water.
  • Secure operation as it holds no liquid inside.
  • Long-life cycle.
  • Low self-discharge leads to longer shelf life.
  • Due to its ability to hold electrolytes within and stable, it provides a long backup life.
  • Output remains strong and steady until life ends.

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