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Tall Tabular Batteries

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Tubular batteries have long and stable output in applications with reserve capacity. In mission-critical installations, especially in remote and high-temperature environments, these batteries have an established track record. The minimal state of charge operation and deep discharge are tolerated by tubular lead-acid batteries.

Positive battery plates with vertical spines feature tubular batteries that promote current flow and delay the corrosion process. The active material on a tubular plate is embedded in a non-woven polyester gauntlet, unlike flat plate battery designs, to avoid plate shedding and improve the efficiency of the cycle and service life.

These batteries, which contain particularly active materials, provide maximum power output, and 20 percent more electrolytes that serve as coolants, are also specially constructed. Controls the rising battery temperature and reverts water back into the battery in the presence of ceramic equipped with water level indicator due to vaporization, improving ultra-low maintenance, making them an excellent option for home inverter / solar system.

The advantages of tall tubular batteries are as follows:

  • These batteries have been designed especially for solar photovoltaic applications. 
  • Although under serious weather and atmospheric pressures, these batteries work reliably. 
  • Rechargeable with a very low current for charging. 
  • Very low self-discharge even when left idle for a long time, the battery will never go dry.

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