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OnGrid Inverters

Grid-tie inverters have 2 big roles:

Converting DC electricity into electricity: the solar panels produce direct current electricity and this type is usually used in car batteries. This transformation of DC to AC electricity is done by efficient electronic switches to alternate the flow of the DC current generated from solar panels.

Transforming the low voltage from the panels to high voltage required by your appliances: This transformation from the panels (23 to 38 volts) is done to match the voltage of the grid, which is 240 volts, and is done by utilizing a transformer. In simpler terms, transformers come with 2 sets of coiled wire on each side of the circuit. The current flowing through the first coil makes the current go through the second coil.

Apart from that, they also:

Keep you safe since the gridconnected inverters turn off when there is a power blackout or a defect in your solar power system

Bring electricity to the grid, so you get paid for it. When the solar panels produce more electricity than what you need, you can export it to the grid.

Do some unique things to maximize the power from the panels. For instance, when a panel provides more output than the neighbor.