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Solar Pump Inverter

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The solar pump inverter directly transforms solar energy into electric power and then drives water pump drive motors to pump water from deep wells, rivers, reservoirs, and other sources of water. 

Solar pump inverter, also known as solar variable frequency drive (VFD), utilizes electrical power to drive AC motor water pumps from photovoltaic solar panels. It can track the maximum power of solar panels internally with the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller system, and definitely improve the power output of the solar panels. In desert reforestation, desert management, agricultural irrigation, water supply, urban life water, pump systems, water filtration, desalination plants, and so on, a solar pump inverter system is commonly used.

A solar pump inverter’s primary benefit is that it uses sunlight at no expense at all. As a solar pump inverter reduces the reliance on electricity or diesel, there are no ongoing electricity or fuel costs once installed. Since there is a decreased dependence on electricity and fuel, the working of solar pump inverters is not affected by problems, such as power cuts, low voltage, and single-phase problems. The maintenance cost of these inverters is extremely low and they provide a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. 

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