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Solar Panels

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In simpler terms, solar panels are used to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity or heat energy.

Solar panels consist of several photovoltaic cells that are used to produce electricity using the photovoltaic effect. These photovoltaic cells are seen in an arranged manner, forming a grid-like pattern on the surface of these panels. This is why they are sometimes also known as photovoltaic modules that are installed on a structure that provides support. This photovoltaic module is connected to an assembly, typically of 6×10 solar cells.

These panels are very durable and robust, which is why they are able to withstand external conditions like changing weather. The wear and tear happen very gradually. You won’t notice any change in their effectiveness in a year.

The majority of solar panels are made using crystalline silicon solar cells.

Installing solar panels in homes assists in countering the effects of harmful greenhouse gases and ultimately plays its role in diminishing global warming. Moreover, solar panels do not result in any kind of pollution and they make us less dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels or conventional power sources.

Get your home and workplace the solar energy it needs and save a great amount of your money you give out in utility bills every year.