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Incorporated back in 1998, Znshine did not start selling photovoltaic panels in the market until 2006, but it is now ranked number 1 solar panel manufacturer in Bloomberg Tier.

Znshine now boasts a global photovoltaic production capacity of 5GW, which is why they are rated as a medium-sized solar panel manufacturer in the current market.

The company is one of the fastestgrowing manufacturers having its presence in various countries including Japan, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Chile, and China.

The accepted standards in the international market of solar panels for the duration of warranties are:

Product warranty of 10 years that covers all types of defects in the products

Performance warranty extending up to 25 years. This is for the output of 80% of nameplate wattage.

Although almost all solar panel companies offer 25 & 10 warranties, when you deal with a renowned solar company, you’re basically ensuring that you will receive the right and reasonable warranty terms. With Znshine, you’ll get better standards than you would anywhere else.

With better product warranty terms and industry-standard performance warranty, the panels sold by Znshine come with high efficiency of around 19-20%.