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Solar DC Cable 1 Core 10mm BS:6500



Single Core Cables conform to BS-6004 “PVC Insulated cables (non-armored) for electric power and lighting”. PVC Insulated Non Sheathed Cables are in the size range of 1.5 sq. mm to 630 sq. mm and are rated 450/750 Volts. Single Core Cables with additional PVC Over Sheath go up-to and including 35 sq. mm conductor size and are rated 600/1000 Volts.



Solar DC Cable 1 Core 10mm BS:6500 (90 Meters Coil)


This products range is suitable for applications including measuring and control equipment in fixed or flexible installation

PVC Insulated Flexible & Control Cables are manufactured in accordance with BS-6004, BS-6500 with a number of International Standards.

These are either plain annealed copper or aluminium complying with BS 6360 Conductors of single-core cables are circular and those of multi core cables are generally shaped.
Reduced neutral conductors and special-purpose conductors are generally circular.

Cables are manufactured to Specification BS 6500 which applies to PVC insulated armored cables up to and including 3.3 kV. However, Pioneer Cables Limited, can and do,
supply cables to all other national standards and to customers’ special specifications.


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