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SolarMax 3kw On-Grid SM-EnersolarV-3k Inverter


Main Features

  • Advanced DSP control technology delivers accurate data
  • Built-in smart MPPTs to enhance overall efficiency
  • Up to 96% high conversion efficiency
  • Modulized design for easy maintenance
  • Data log up to 15 years
  • Optional monitoring software


SolarMax 3kw On-Grid SM-EnersolarV-3k Inverter


Max DC Power3150w
Max DC Volt500 VDC
MPP Volt Range250 VAC – 450 VDC
Nominal DC Voltage360 VDC
Start-up Voltage / initial feeding voltage125 VDC / 160VDC
Max Input Current1 x 13A
AC Nominal Power3000w
Maximum AC Apparent Power3000VA
Nominal AC Voltage230 VAC
AC Voltage Range184-264 VAC
AC Grid Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Nominal Output Current13A
Maximum Efficiency96%
Dimensions480 x 285 x 125
Weight9.5 kg


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