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Trina 485W Bifacial TSM-DEG18MC.20(II)


Main Features:
High customer value
High power Mono Perc up to 505W
High reliability
High energy yield

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Trina 485W Bifacial TSM-DEG18MC.20(II)

485W+ High Power with 20.6% High Efficiency

Based on the high volume 158mm third-cut monocrystalline PERC cells, the Duomax Twin module contains several innovative design features allowing high power output of more than 485W. Excellent temperature coefficients and low irradiation performance combined with square mono cells and the MBB technology enables modules efficiency up to 20.6%

The 2mm AR coated glass layers and custom frame design enables ease-of-use and compatibility with standard installation methods for utility and C&I applications.

Electrical Characteristics(STC)TSM-DEG18MC.20(II)-485w
Maximum Power – Pmax(W)485
Voltage at Pmax-Vmp(V)42.8
Current at Pmax-Imp(A)11.45
Open Circuit Voltage – Voc(V)51.1
Short Circuit Current – Isc(A)12.05
Module Efficiency- ηm(%)20.10%
Electrical Characteristics(NOCT)TSM-DEG18MC.20(II)-485w
Maximum Power – Pmax(W)519
Voltage at Pmax-Vmp(V)42.5
Current at Pmax-Imp(A)12.22
Open Circuit Voltage – Voc(V)50.9
Short Circuit Current – Isc(A)12.85
Temperature Characteristics
Pmax Temperature Coefficient-0.35%/℃
Voc Temperature Coefficient-0.25%/℃
Isc Temperature Coefficient+0.04%/℃
Operating Temperature-40℃-85℃
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)41±3℃
Mechanical Specifications
External Dimensions2187*1102*35 mm (86.10*43.39*1.38 inches)
Weight30.1 kg (66.4 lb)
Solar CellsMonocrystalline
Junction BoxIP 68 rated
Output Cables35mm(1.38 inches) Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Cable lengthPhotovoltaic Technology Cable 4.0mm2 (0.006 inches2),
Portrait: 280/280 mm(11.02/11.02 inches)
Landscape: 2000/2000 mm(78.74/78.74 inches)
ConnectorMC4 EVO2 / TS4*
Mechanical Load2400pa/5400 Pa
Power Tolerance (W)(0,+5)
Maximum System Voltage(V)1500
Maximum Series Fuse Rating(A)25



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