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GENERATORS & UPS systems are NOT the long term solution to our energy needs. Solar Power Systems are connected to the utility grid and every system will contribute in our country’s energy mix and help to FILL NATIONAL ENERGY DEMAND & SUPPLY GAP, which causes load shedding in the first place. Our country is full of potential natural resources, become a part of our Green Family and we will help you harness clean & free energy for a brighter future.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should switch over to solar right away.

  1. Build & Own Rooftop Power Plant: The rising and setting of the sun is extremely consistent in Pakistan. With more than 300 average sunny days per year, installing a solar system guarantees you create your own electricity as long as the sun shines.
  2. Investment with Guaranteed Return: Safe investment that will start paying back for itself from the first day. With ample amount of sunlight a solar power system will guarantee you earn from the sun right away.
  3. Short Payback Period: Solar power operation is totally free (unlike generators) and the solar system pays back for the initial investment in THREE to FOUR years after which it generates profits that grows for the next 15 – 20 years.
  4. Reduce Growing Electricity Costs: Producing your own electricity and reducing dependence on the utility grid will help consumers to minimize the impacts of future rises in electricity tariffs that have consistently increased in the past.
  5. Net Metering as a Bank Account: After initial investment, net metering serves as a bank account with the utility grid; during the day the system deposits excess solar energy into your account and at night the user will withdraw the energy from the grid.
  6. Low Maintenance: Solar net metering systems generally don’t require a lot of maintenance except for regular cleaning of solar panels.
  7. Reduce Global Warming: Our planet is suffering from serious climatic risks due to excessive pollution and greenhouse emissions. Solar Panels create electricity without producing global warming pollution from carbon emissions making it a very vital substitute to generators.
  8. Reduce Energy Crisis in Remote Areas: With energy crisis all over Pakistan solar power is the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution that can fill the electricity demand and supply gap. Solar power has enabled to power remote locations where electricity is unreachable. Solar power has enabled to power remote locations where electricity is unreachable.
  9. Recognition of Future Technology: Installing solar panels at your premises will create more awareness among your neighbors about its benefits and will reduce the use of generators and fossil fuels in the long.
  10. Control for Users: These cost-saving programs will provide the users with more control over their energy production and usage thus keeping electricity bills to a bare minimum or negative value.
  11. Social Benefit: Since your solar energy system is connected to the local distribution companies such as Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) distribution system, you’re helping them reduce the electricity demand and supply gap by generating your own electricity and sharing IESCO’s load.

Renewable Energy sources have completed changed the dynamics of the entire planet as more and more countries are looking to shift towards greener sources of energy. Pakistan receives ample amount of sunshine throughout the year in most parts of the country and harnessing this free source of energy can provide long term and sustainable solutions for our energy demands and help our country out of the Energy Crisis.