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The company was established in 2007, and ever since Inverex has been making efforts to develop and be better. Inverex was once known as a leading solar energy company, and now they are also a renowned manufacturer of top-quality home appliances.

The company offers a wide array of solar inverters, solar panels and its batteries. Inverex is one of the most well-acknowledged solar energy brands in Pakistan, and they have been providing solar energy solutions to residential households, along with large and small industries as well as some government institutions.

The company takes great pride in bringing new products in the market every year. With incredibly top-rated and reliable products, Inverex has a huge network of more than 100 dealers and 500 sub-dealers in a very short time.

Risen is a tier 1 solar panel company and they offer a long 15 years product warranty, which is better than the industry standard and what most of the solar panel manufacturers across the world offer.

The Inverex 150W Mono PERC inverperfect INV-150 and the Inverex 150W poly Inverperfect INV-150 are available in the low-budget category, whereas the Inverex 375W Mono PERC are for high-energy production that comes with industry-leading lightweight 72-cell solar panel.