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Longi are known for their high quality, long-lasting, monochrome solar panels, which makes them a great choice. Longi has managed to captivate the industry in a short period through its innovative approach. The company was first established many years ago in 2000 and has become one of the leading solar panel competitors in the market. The company is based in China and has spent a lot of efforts on R&D to make sure that their customers get quality solar panels every time. One of the most prominent features of these panels is their efficiency as they guarantee increased output daily. The company and its products have a high market value because of their quality products, which makes it a great option for buying Longi solar panels in Pakistan too.

The company has played a vital role in the development and manufacture of M1, M2 and wafer solar panels. However, it is best known for its P-type PERC cell modules, which revolutionized the solar panel market. This newer technology functions well in low light exposure and requires lesser maintenance. It has passivated laser grooves, which are the secret to its efficiency. It holds its profound record of efficiency at 24.06% that makes it a great option for your next solar panel choice. It comes with a full 10-year warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee making it a safe option to invest your money.