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As a typical grid-tie solar system, hybrid solar inverters produce power in the same way but use
separate hybrid inverters and batteries to store energy for later use. This energy storage capacity
allows most hybrid systems, similar to a UPS system, to also act as a backup power source
during a blackout.
The word hybrid has historically applied to two power sources such as wind and solar, but the
term hybrid; refers to a mixture of solar and energy storage that is also related to the power grid in the solar world.
A simple hybrid inverter that includes a solar inverter and battery inverter/charger along with
clever controls that evaluate the most effective use of your available energy is used by the most
economical hybrid solar system. Hybrid solar inverters, however, have many benefits, and some
of them are:
● Your excess solar energy is collected by a solar hybrid system and can also provide back-
up power during a blackout.
● Allows the use of stored solar energy during peak night time (known as self-use or load-
● Many hybrid inverters have capabilities for backup energy.
● Reduces the use of electricity from the grid.
● Enables advanced control of energy i.e. peak shaving

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