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JA Solar

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JA Solar Panels

Incorporated in 2005, JA solar is a global manufacturer of top-quality photovoltaic products and their products include wafers, cells, modules, along with photovoltaic power stations. With 11 production bases and around 20 branches, the company has a rich profusion of products available in almost 100 countries.

If you’re looking to add batteries to your solar system, then the Mono half-cell JA solar module is the best choice. All the modules have high conversion efficiencies and the panels made by JA solar are best if you want to add energy storage or claim the feed-in tariffs.

Furthermore, JA solar offers an amazing extended warranty, which is one of their best features. The brand offers a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty for all of its products. The performance of the panels has a warranty of 80.7% of their genuine power output. Other panels of the brand offer even better numbers, and this is why they are known for providing strong performance warranty in this industry and therefore it is a good reason to choose JA solar panels. With this extended warranty, you can rest assured that your initial investment is covered and you can focus on the payback period for you to enjoy the financial benefits of clean energy.