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Risen Energy Solar Panel

Risen Energy was established in 1986 in Ninghai.

Risen Energy is one of the leading solar panel providers based in China. They offer a staggering 15-year product warranty instead of the standard industry 10-years warranty almost all other manufacturers offer. The panels made by Risen solar are certified as corrosion and waterresistant, making them compatible with different external conditions around the world.

Get a Mono Perc Half-cell system from Risen Energy if your house has problems with shading.

As of the year 2020, Risen Energy has produced panels with great efficiencies that are up to 20.2%. All of their products have a 15-year product warranty and it covers panels if there is any fault in the manufacturing. Moreover, they also offer a 25-year performance warranty.

Furthermore, if you want to add a battery in your system, the Mono Risen module should be your go-to choice. Thankfully, the PV systems have high conversion efficiencies, and this is by far the better choice if you want to add energy storage or claim the feed in tariffs.

Risen Energy is one of the best Chinese manufacturers and the independent testing has proven that their panels are able to perform really well.