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Tesla 250w Polycrystalline TSP250W Economic Grade


Main Features

  • AR Coated 3.2mm Low iron Tempered Glass
  • Anodized Aluminium Alloy
  • IP65, With Bypass alloy
  • MC4 Compatible
  • TUV + length 900mm, 4mm2
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Tesla 250w Polycrystalline TSP250W Economic Grade (1 Year Warranty)

T-Solar manufactures high-quality crystalline modules through rigorous quality control ensures a guaranteed power performance in solar arrays for residential and commercial installations.


Nominal Voltage24
Short Circuit Current (ISC)8.69A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)37.10V
Max Power Current8.1A
Max Power Voltage30.10V
Encapsulated cell Efficiency>17%
Module Efficiency>15%
Max Power Watt179W
Short Circuit Current (Amp)7.33A
Max Power Current (Amp)6.35A


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