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Lead Acid Battery

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The Lead-acid battery by Solar Trade is a great one for every vehicle big or small. It was invented back in 1859 by a physicist named Gaston Plante in France. The lead-acid battery is thought to be the earliest rechargeable battery. Despite the low energy-to-weight ratio, the lead-acid battery offered by Solar Trade has a very strong supply of high currents, which indicates that its cells have a relatively larger power-to-weight ratio. 

Due to such practical features of the battery, it attracts every motor vehicle user who looks for ways to provide a high current to power their starter motor. 

What makes Solar Trade’s lead-acid battery even greater is the price point.  Despite being exceptionally pocket-friendly, the batteries provide a surge of current to motor vehicles. Lead-acid batteries are also used as backup power supplies and they hardly require much maintenance. 

During the charged state, the chemical energy of the Lead-acid battery is stored in the form of a potential difference between the pure lead at the negative side of the battery and Lead-dioxide on the opposite positive side. Furthermore, there is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. 

Atlas Limited came into existence in 1966 and in a short time, it successfully earned the technical collaboration agreement with the well-reputed company, Japan Storage Battery Co.Ltd in 1969, which was then called GS Yuasa Corporation. This company was famous among all the vehicle owners, and it used to sell and produce top-class Japanese batteries in Pakistan. 

The company now boasts a wide range of batteries that are suitable for all kinds of vehicles and construction equipment.